Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Forever Strummer - Joe Strummer 2012 calendar & Christmas


Joe Strummer 10th Anniversary calendar

Joe Strummer 2011 Christmas cards

Strummerville are releasing a 10th anniversary Joe Strummer calendar for 2012. Marking 10 years since Joe Strummer's passing, the calendar will include 12 months of Strummer's most inspirational quotes, previously un-seen images and hand-written artifacts from his personal archive; some that have never been seen…

“ The Future Is Unwritten”

“The way you get a better world is, you don’t put up with sub-standard anything”

“Ignore Alien orders”

“Be mythic and prolific”

“If not I then who”

“Punk Rock means exemplary manners to your fellow human beings”

“People can change anything they want to, and that means everything in the world”

“Everybody has a story to tell”

“Without people you're nothing”

“Everyone has got to realize that you can’t hold on to the past if you want any future. Each second should lead to the next one.”

"We are very excited to present this calendar as our first offering for Joe's 10th anniversary next year. It’s interesting how even ten years after Joe's passing some of his words of wisdom are more pertinent now than ever before and we hope that this is reflected in the calendar and that it will be celebrated by Strummer fans around the world" - Strummerville

Strummerville will also be releasing two Joe Strummer Christmas cards this year. One is Joe's last hand-drawn Christmas card (Strummer would send hand-drawn Christmas cards to his close friends every year) and one is an as yet unseen photo of Strummer, taken by Bob Gruen in New York, when Joe was giving money to a homeless person.

"I never saw Joe pass a needy or homeless person without giving them something" – Bob Gruen

The Joe Strummer 2012 calendar and this year’s Christmas cards and will be available for purchase from 11.11.11

All proceeds from the calendars and Christmas cards will go to the Joe Strummer New Music Foundation: www.strummerville.com

Strummerville is a registered charity, set up in the year after Joe Strummer’s death, by friends and family of Strummer. The charity’s aim is to help people through music, from opening a music room in an orphanage in Malawi (info here: http://www.strummerville.com/strummerville-music-room-at-tilinanu-orphanage-in-milawi/) to giving opportunities for people to record and perform music, that would not usually have the access or means.

Strummerville has continued to keep the Joe Strummer flag flying, with the charity ever giving to music projects and iniatives and support to new music

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