Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tim Deluxe – ‘Transformation’ EP (Get Human)

Press Release
Tim Deluxe – ‘Transformation’ EP
1. Transformation
2. Horizon (New Day) Feat. Ben Onono
3. Lucid Dreams
4.Horizon (New Day) Dub Feat. Ben Onono

Released : 28 November 2011
Get Human - www.gethuman.info

Tim Deluxe launches his own label ‘Get Human’, now the sole outlet for Deluxe’s own productions, with the focus on the label aimed for musical compositions as opposed to throw away loop based tracks.

The first release on the label is the ‘Transformation’ EP – a four track EP, the title track of which – a piano laden dance floor destroyer - is already hyped with big support from Radio Slave, DJ Hell (for which he said ‘Transformation’ is “a masterpiece”), Nic Fanciulli, Carl Cox, Darren Emerson and X-Press 2. Also featuring on the EP is ‘Horizon’ (Original and Dub) – a sentiment written about the tragic events in Japan, on which Ben Onono’s vocals reflect a motion of hope and change, and ‘Lucid Dreams’, a trippy soundscape as the title would depict…

“I feel we are in strange times, (we) humans are almost becoming robotic. Get Human is a reaction to this. The aim will be for me to focus on the musicality of my productions at a deeper level. The emphasis will be on melodies, arrangement, textures and scales, hopefully resulting in music that will stand the test of time a bit more. The emphasis of the label will be on my solo work with an aim to convey artistic freedom, quality and integrity, alongside good old fashioned human frailty.” - Tim Deluxe

From the now classic, garage stormer ‘Rip Groove’ (under the guise Double 99), to the seamless ‘Sirens/We All Love Sax’, to his Latin inspired, house monster: ‘It Just Won’t Do’, to the jumped-up ‘Let The Beats Roll’, to the deep techno builder ‘Espoo’s Rose’ ,or his recent collaborations with X-Press 2 - Tim Deluxe’s productions are renowned for quality, diversity and above all, making dance floors move. His remixes including Layo & Bushwacka’s ‘Love Story’, Basement Jaxx, GusGus,Alter Ego,Tomas Anderson,Booka Shade and his bootleg of the White Stripes have all added testament to this.

Remixes of ‘Transformation’ from Radio Slave and DJ Hell, will follow in early 2012.
‘Transformation’ EP is dedicated to the people of Japan with all proceeds going to Japanese Red Cross Society for the tragic events of 11th March 2011.
Time to Get Human…
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