Monday, April 30, 2012

Planet-E joins forces with new music subscription platform Drip FM

Planet-E joins forces with new music subscription platform Drip FM is a subscription platform that enables labels and their artists to connect directly with their fans: 

For a $10 monthly fee, every new album, EP and single that Planet-E releases will come straight to your inbox in the form of high-quality, DRM-free MP3s.
Planet-E joins indie labels including Stones Throw, Mad Decent, Dirtybird and Ghostly to make its new releases available to fans on a digital subscription basis.

The Planet-E Drip FM page will be curated by for the fans of Planet-E by Carl Craig himself.

“Sam Valenti from Ghostly was gracious enough to invite us to be involved...
As revenue models continue to evolve in the industry, we're seeing one thing remain constant, and that is that music fans are the absolute core component to success. So, this is something we're doing for the true fans of Planet-E. And Carl is really excited about curating the service for everyone.” - Planet-E

Sam Valenti of Drip FM said: “As longtime fans of Planet E, growing up with their influence informed our view of electronic music.  Their perspective on music is unique and evergreen, which is a gift to their fans.”

Detroit based imprint, Planet-E, now in its 21st year of existence, is one of the leading electronic music labels in the history of the genre. Always searching for the next step forwards, the label welcomes this concept to allow a new way to connect to fans of Planet-E.

On sign-up to the Planet-E page, new members will automatically receive:
‘20 years of Planet-E - We Ain’t Dead Yet’ - Various artist compilation
Kirk Delgiorgio ‘The Golden Aspect’
Paperclip People ‘Throw’ (Slam’s RTM remix)

Releases available forthcoming include:

Paperclip People - ‘The Secret Tapes Of Dr. Eich’ (2012 Remastered Re-release)
No Boundaries - ‘Modular Pursuits’ (Daphni Remixes)
Carls Davis - ‘Last Decade’
Carl Craig - ‘Darkness’ (Exclusive Radio Slave Edit)


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