Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Carls Davis 'Last Decade' (Planet-E)

 Carls Davis
'Last Decade'
Released May 22nd (vinyl) May 29th (digital)

Side A
Sketches Pt. 1 Sketches Pt. 2 Sketches Pt. 3
Side B
Sketches Pt. 4 Sketches Pt. 5 Sketches Pt. 6

Carls Davis_ “Last Decade” is a series of ideas and demos exercised by Carl Craig. All six tracks are from a recently rediscovered collection in their conceptual stage. The back-story to this special vinyl sneak peek is during the time of the original recordings Carl was putting together tracks with the idea that he would revisit them for further development. Fast forwarding to the present day Carl really felt that they’re actually more interesting as they were, but still a bit disjointed from branding to a familiar name.

One of Carls approaches for drawing inspiration is always going back to old DAT's and masters that he’s done years before. Walking back through the material gives Carl a renewed perspective of what its fate will be. One particular track in its early stages could reflect the next Tres Demented or another one could be the making of Paperclip People, or whatever pseudonym he was using at the time. And whenever it would be more inspirational to start a new one then it made things more interesting.
This process is in some part how Planet-E was founded; making new names for new musical ideas, whether it was "Innerzone Orchestra" or even one-off names used like "Piece" or even "Lotion" from 'Intergalactic Beats.'

When Carl recently went back to the specific tracks to be used for this project and listened to them for the first time in years, it was a visceral experience. So in the sense of these selections for "Last Decade," some of the pieces are heavily edited. In order to properly present this as vinyl to the fans, Carl was obliged to extend some that were very short, and painstakingly necessary to cut down some that was very long. Please keep in mind the origins were all just sketches. So he went back and edited them into the form you hear them in now. Plenty of samples were used, as well as an MPC, which was preferred gear used much at the time. The synth was the Alesis A6 Andromeda, maybe a little Pro-1 here and there, too. It's all a little taste of what Carl was up to in the last decade!


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