Monday, May 7, 2012

Still Going launch new label - Still Going Records - with release 'D117'

Still Going aka Oliver Spencer (House of House) and Eric Duncan (Rub n Tug) - who came into prominence via their DFA releases Spaghetti Circus and Still Going Theme -  are launching their own Record Label, Still Going Records. The first release 'D117' is out on May 8th.. check below for the video and information on the release. 

Press Release
Still Going ‘D117’
Still Going Records
Released: May 8th

What does flipping through record bins sound like? Still Going's first release on their newly minted label aims to find out.
Opening with snippets of sonic whispers, instruments are soaked in super glue and thrown at the wall. What sticks? All of it, even as some of the elements ooze down or soar upwards. Liv's guitar, which sounds like it was cut out of a Manuel Göttsching jam session, manages to do both simultaneously, giving new meaning to the word "riffing".
Beeps, buzzes, and saw wave hooks impart a seemingly random ebb and flow, but the steady punctuation of it all lays bare a sense of purpose. Before you know it, each effect is in conversation, all at once, like the sound of the crowd of a bar building up throughout an evening.

And who's the throaty femme singing on the track? Why, none other than Lizzy Yoder, she of the infamous Fischerspooner. Just when the song peaks en masse, piano, whirling around a chandelier, takes the party outside, where they pass out in the street.
Rock & roll meets techno rebound meets dinner theatre - and there's an unflagging house beat keeping it all together. Hear it all at once.
A few words from Directors Georgia and Jeffrey Hagerman:
When we first heard the track from Still Going, we knew instantly that we wanted the video accompaniment to feature visuals of New York City and nightlife. The track struck us as the logical amalgamation of decades of city living, musical knowing, and night time living. Loaded with reference, but pulsing with an energy all it's own, we aimed to match the track's psychedelic blend by weaving images of lights on the street with images of lights from the Spot and glueing them together with synaesthetic lockups.
We wanted the video to feel somewhere in-between a dream and a night. To blur the lines between going somewhere, and being right there in the middle of it. Think of it as a synaesthetic lockup between image and music... a direct transcription of sound to light.

Played and Supported By:
DJ Harvey, Craig Richards, Gilbert Cohen (Versatile), Tim Sweeney (Beats In Space), Leo Zero, James Murphy (DFA), Ashley Beedle, Juan MacLean (DFA), Dave DK, Tim Love Lee (Tummy Touch), Prins Thomas, Joe Goddard (Hot Chip), Tom Findlay (Groove Armada), Optimo, House Of House, Horse Meat Disco, Erol Alkan, Shit Robot, Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy, Mario Cotto (KCRW), Eddie C, The Rapture DJs, Pete Herbert, Felix Dickinson

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