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MOBILEE BACK TO BACK VOL. 7 - presented by Rodriguez Jr.

presented by Rodriguez Jr.

Catalog-No:                 mobileecd016                        EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION BY WORD AND SOUND
Release Date:             5th of April 2013             -  fax 0049 (0) 40 43094294
Format:                       CD and digital format
UPC/EAN:                   4029759086482

Mobilee Back To Back Vol. 7 - presented by Rodriguez Jr.
 After his first album, "Bittersweet" came out on mobilee in 2011, Rodriguez Jr. became the fastest growing name on the imprint to boot. But the buck doesn't stop at one album, a few singles on mobilee and several other releases on the likes of Mothership and Systematic. When he's not cranking out solid live sets on the international club circuit, blowing up rooftop parties or filling up festival stages, this ambitious French producer commits to some serious time in the studio where he recently wrapped up his latest compilation for the mobilee "back to back" series.

Inheriting the honours from last year's "back to back" artist duo, Pan-Pot, Rodriguez Jr. knew the boys raised the bar high this year. As always, CD1 unravels 11 tracks hand-selected by His Majesty including recent hits such as "Good Times", "Black Mamba", "White Fiction", "Scenario", "Something That's For Life" and more. CD2 unmasks nine exclusive "back to back vol. 7" tracks, produced in collaboration with Anja Schneider, Pan-Pot Tassilo, And.Id, Sebo K, Ray Okpara and Safeword. The featured mobilee artists contributed by throwing in a few loops, stirring in extra sounds and dropping a few beats as Rodriguez Jr. polished them shiny. Volume 7 is the most colorful and eclectic "back to back" yet. 

Rodriguez Jr.
For a solid 10 hours a day, Mateu manifests Rodriguez Jr. in his MLab Mk5 studio, which brims with vintage synthesizers, keyboards and dusty analog gear. Acclaimed Rodriguez Jr. releases for imprints such as Mothership, Boxer Records and Giant Wheels, prefaced the quirky melodies of his bass-driven house hit Princess Guacamole for mobilee records, and the tropical techno of Kids of Hula for it’s sister label Leena Music. Drawing both pleasure and inspiration from live performance, Rodriguez Jr. relishes the opportunity to realize his project on the stage, and has done extensively throughout Europe and America during some of his most acclaimNil: Nil: ed shows at Tomorrowland in Belgium, ADE in Amsterdam, Sonar Off in Barcelona, Showcase in Paris, Watergate in Berlin, Hardpop in Juarez and Kristal in Bucharest. A heavy milestone was passed when his first-ever solo album titled „Bittersweet“ was released on Mobilee Records in 2012.

Audio CD 1 & CD 2
Just when we thought the world was going to end as we knew it in 2012, mobilee stayed afloat with some soild releases confirmed by Rodriguez Jr. on CD 1. Ray Okpara left some memorable impressions on his album, “Good Times”, Pan-Pot dropped a double-headed bomb with “White Noise”, And.Id went bold with raw, unedited studio recordings when he released his “Live Cuts” and Sebo K introduced a new string of parties with “Scenario”.
CD 2 will blow you away with „Hartwood“, Rodriguez Jr’s biggest hit to date. With a series of alternating and repetitive keyboard strokes and soulful lyrics bouncing on a thick velvet cushion of rich background base, this number is guaranteed to appeal to the industry’s most respected players while the ironically titled, “Henry & Lars” takes form in a very cuddly story that took place at BPM Festival in Mexico as Anja’s little guy and a stuffed animal named “Lars” found love and friendship in a little girl and her gay stuffed-animal she called “Henry”. And so the story went on…

To add the necessary, finishing touches to “O Amor”, Rodriguez Jr. and Tassilo pulled the office chair wheels from right under the their favorite booker, clapped some headphones over the top of his head, propped him in front of a recording mic and voilà!, mobilee has le nueva cantante de house music! It’s no secret that the man behind the mobilee booking front had a soulful side to him – it was just a matter of time before Diego was to reconnect to his Mexican roots and sing about the odyssey of love.

Taking the set to a deeper level, “Roads”, is a joint effort between Rodriguez Jr. and a certain Greek Pharaoh whom you might recognize from his tender trumpet calls. is full heart out as the duo deliver a tragically upbeat number that rounds off a sentimental theme.

The track list goes on with a surprise collaboration from San Francisco buddy, Safeword, plus a new interpretation of Sebo K’s classic hit „Rancho Relaxo“.

Short interview
What most excites you about your work and the contribution you make in the music industry?
I like being in my studio, experimenting new things or basically playing the piano for hours while looking for the perfect three notes. I wish I could bring electronic music to a wider audience without dealing with commercial shit. I don't want to do music for specialists. Regarding my work, I am also very excited about traveling – being on the road is like a very addictive drug even though it’s sometimes a pain in the ass to deal with delayed flights and jetlag.

Summarize the recording of back 2 back Vol. 7 in less than 10 words. RJ: Some kind of huge jam session!

What’s next for Rodriguez Jr.?
I am working on my new live set-up, with a lot of improvements. It will be even more 'live', including more machines and keyboard. I think we still have a lot of things to invent and develop about performing dance music.

CD 1 – Rodriguez Jr.´s best of mobilee 2012 selection

1. Ray Okpara - Good Times
2. And.Id - Black Mamba 
3. Rodriguez Jr.  - Ocean Drive
4. Re.You - Junction
5. Ray Okpara - Chi This Wonder Up (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)
6. Pan-Pot - White Fiction
7. David Labeij - AEM
8. And.Id - Live Cuts Vol. 1 - Cut 3
9. Sebo K - Scenario
10. Safeword - My Love
11. Anja Schneider - Something That´s for Life feat. Cari Golden

CD 2 – Rodriguez Jr. back to back collab album

1. Rodriguez Jr. & And.Id - Roads
2. Rodriguez Jr. - Manama
3. Rodriguez Jr. - Hartwood
4. Rodriguez Jr. & Sebo K & Anja Schneider - Rancho Anthemo
5. Rodriguez Jr. & Safeword - Nuages
6. Rodriguez Jr. & Ray Okpara - Ghetto Blaster
7. Rodriguez Jr. & Tassilo - O Amor feat. Diego Gibbs
8. Rodriguez Jr. & Anja Schneider - Henry & Lars
9. Rodriguez Jr. - Leaving Quintana Roo


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