Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Martinez Brothers launch new NY residency in Brooklyn on March 16th: MAD BEATS & CRAZY STYLES


Presale tickets here: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?453238

Chris and Steve Martinez aka The Martinez Brothers, two young men from the Bronx, raised on their father’s love of the Paradise Garage are happy to announce a long-overdue residency series in the city that has always shown them lots of love.  Gigs around the world at venues from Panorama Bar (Berlin) to Circo Loco at DC10 (Ibiza) have honed their abilities on the ones and twos yet it is Latino New York that roots them and helps them find their own rendition of history, adding the special spice that makes them what they are.

Presented in a new partnership with the successful team ReSolute NYC – an electronic music events company that emerged 5 years ago as an innovative outlet for showcasing talent in undiscovered places, from warehouse parties of epic proportions, to spontaneous midweek gatherings - The Martinez Brothers’ curate an event series Mad Beats and Crazy Styles inspired by the creative synergies of their hometown.

If you examine the history of dance music in New York, you’ll quickly discover that at every phase of the scene’s evolution over the last 40 years Latinos/Nuyoricans have played an undeniably pivotal role. From the fiery New York edge of Fania’s Salsa generation to the large Puerto Rican contingent at downtown’s Paradise Garage, from Hip Hop’s 183rd Street-based DJ Disco Wiz of Mighty Force to Masters At Work making their Wednesday night West 46th Street Underground Network Sound Factory Bar parties the place where they defined the template of House music, there has been an enduring legacy in New York waiting to reignite.

While claiming their space within this cannon of dance music from the boroughs, The Martinez Brothers will no doubt also aim to continue their quest into new sounds, pushing their creativity along a very special New York axis at this new night to be held at a TBA warehouse in Brooklyn on March 16.

Mad Beats & Crazy Styles… a night for TRUE HOUSE LOVERS.



March 16 – Brooklyn
The Martinez Brothers, DJ Qu, Filsonik, Greg Paulus on live trumpet (No Regular Play)
Tickets available on RA: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?453238

July 6 – Brooklyn
Lineup TBC

November – Brooklyn
Lineup TBC

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