Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Anthony Rother 'Hot Chocolate In The Milky Way' EP (Gigolo)

Anthony Rother
1. Hot Chocalate In The Milky Way
2. Green Star Drifts

Released: May 2009
Gigolo Recordings
Distributed by: NEWS

"The melting of electro with other genres is what makes the electronic scene and its music more interesting than ever before...

For over 17 years Anthony Rother has been working, playing, living and representing electro. With his club label Datapunk he has been transforming the aesthetics of Techno into today’s music with some extraordinary successful maxis. From his productions for Sven Väth’s Cocoon label to his critically acclaimed fifth studio album "Popkiller," which was voted by Raveline Magazine readers as Album of the Year!

So where is Anthony Rother in 2009? Well, we are proud to say that he is now frimly in the new Mega Chuch of Gigolo. Fresh from his much lauded co-productions on DJ Hells ubiquitiously receieved ‚Teufleswerk’ album our protaganists follows in the footsteps of Peter Kruder before him and delivers a stunning 12“ for Gigolo records.

Like its name sake sugests ‚Hot Chocalate’ in the Milky Way’ is a journey through a melodic sound scape of beats and open chords recalling the work of John Carpanter, the inspiration to Rothers formative work. On the flipside we find a more familiar Anthony Rother in the form of ‚Green Star Drifts’ a techno trck with more then a hint of Electro! In short Rothers latest release is like a Point A to Z on his impressive body of work and Gigolo is extremely happy to present this to the congregation!

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