Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dave P and Adam Sparkles 'Delaze' EP (Satellite Of Love)

This duo look set for big things, especially with the support already behind them! Erol Alkan, Simian Mobile Disco, Riton and more all love them and so will you...

Dave P & Adam Sparkles
'Delaze' EP
Satellite Of Love Records
Released May

'The guy who keeps the East coast dance scene moving forward delivers a sublime dance floor cut. A record which will still sound cool in years to come.' Erol Alkan

'Delaze' is Dave P & Adam Sparkles' follow up single to last year's much-lauded 'Sunday Night In Glasgow.' The debut 12" which won critical acclaim including Record of the Month in Tsugi Magazine and Record of the Week in Manchester's legendary Music store Piccadilly Records. On their return we see our protagonists sticking to their trademark sound of Melodic Techno Madness but upping their game by delivering a record of distinct originality that is already burning the boxes of 2 Many DJs, Erol Alkan, Riton, Simian Mobile Disco, Boys Noize, Michael Mayer, Etienne De Crecy and Angel Molina .

Since the release of "Sunday Night...' Dave P & Adam Sparkles have been busy touring with Simian Mobile Disco and as part of the Radio Soulwax tour 'A Part of the Weekend Never Dies!' Their club nights in Philadelphia (Making Time) and New York (Fixed, Studio B) celebrated birthdays with Hercules and Love Affair and rocked the weekends of the last 6 months with intoxicating line-ups that include Playgroup, Michael Mayer, Ellen Alien and many more. Working alongside such celebrated artists has taught our protagonists that smashing a dance floor can be achieved with subtle detail and over long, carefully constructed, modulated arrangements. It is with this in mind that we turn attention to the title track 'Delaze;' 8 minutes of a delayed and warped melody, tucked away under heavy acid beats, gated feedback and phased cosmic strings. It is an intense 6-minutes before the track delivers its payload. The stark originality lends greatly to the tracks power, so much so that both 2 Many DJ's and Erol Alkan started playing the Demo months ago.

(Dave P)

Boysnoize Records wonder boy Strip Steve, a big supporter of 'Sunday Night...' relished the opportunity to remix 'Delaze' and turned in a Techno Acid track with matching originality. The aptly titled 'Strip Steve's 9 Minutes Journey To Salvation Mix' is simply that, 9 minutes of Throbbing Beats that delivers a twisted vocal crescendo that harks back to the days of Gospel House, but comes off more Richard James then Byron Stingley.

Finally we come to 'Tuesdays Gone' Dave P & Adam Sparkles ode to Eric Prydz, Deadmau5 and the Swedish Mafia. Like most of the new wave of DJ's and Producers Dave P & Adam Sparkles are not afraid to acknowledge the influence and inspiration that comes from this powerhouse of producers. 'Tuesdays Gone' in its simplistic form is a Techno track that makes up for its head pounding beats with a catchy melody repeated throughout!

Both Dave P & Adam Sparkles tracks have been co-mixed by Kelly Hibbert, one of the most talented up-and-coming Mastering engineers we know. With mixing credits that include recent releases from J Dilla and Guilty Simpson it is easy to see how such a big sound can come to such a small record label. But as we all know Love unites and Satellite of Love continues to transmit this message.


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