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Steve Bug 'Collaboratory' - fourth artist album on Poker Flat

formats: CD & 2x12“ & digital
release date: 08.06.2009
Poker Flat Recordings

Steve Bug - the much loved DJ, Producer and underground dance music fi gurehead has built a career around a passion and a unique talent for electronic music. With over 15 years of tireless dedication to the scene under his belt, the Bug is proud to announce his fourth full length artist album, exclusive on Poker Flat Recordings, entitled 'Collaboratory'.

Based strongly on the ideas of collaboration, shared ideas, mutual respect for fellow artists and the strength of combining forces in the studio, Steve chose some very special producers and vocalists to work with on this exciting project.

From Berlin natives and well known high-climbers Cassy and Clé (of Märtini Brös), to one half of the Detroit Grand Pubahs aka Paris The Black Fu, ace producers and equally dextrous vocalists are assured. The Southern Hemisphere‘s hottest new export Simon Flower features with Bug on their new teasing cut 'Passing Clouds‘, while Minimise boss and techno legend Donnacha Costello also went head to head with the Poker Flat maestro in the studio. That's not to forget the stunning full-length vocals of Brazilian talent Virginia Nascimento on the slow-spun 'Trust In Me‘, and the classic Chi-Town cut ‚Like It Should Be‘, on which Helsinki‘s Gigi makes a magical rare appearance, sharing her inspiring and heart-felt message.

This engaging, accomplished and utterly satisfying album is the result of Steve‘s non-stop addiction with solid, essential tech-house grooves, mixed with classic, timeless song-like structures and catchy ear-worm melodies. Although the bulk of this addictive, instant classic consists of collaborative works, there‘s still a handful of fresh solo Bug treats in store...

Never ceasing to raise hands on the dancefloor, and indeed the hairs on the nape of every discerning clubber therein, Steve‘s unstoppable energy is represented in full here, from the techtonic 'I Swallowed Too Much Bass' featuring the twisted vocal talents of the Pubahs‘ Paris The Black Fu, or the equally disturbed 'Still Music' with fellow veteran tastemaker Donacha Costello, or the not-to-be-missed, joint cut with long-time confi dant Clé, in the shape of the pitching 'Month of Sip'.

The album is not merely a collection of club tracks however, as the whole work plays like a mature, well-rounded journey through various headspaces. Sure, some tracks will work the clubs, but others are equally suited to home listening, quiet time with friends at the dinner table or on the beach! Bug‘s love of the hypnotic depths of house are then pursued with spacey tech-soul cuts like 'Mr.Suitcase' (perhaps a calming ode to the amount of traveling his hectic DJ-schedule demands), or the
rousing tones of 'Like It Should Be' featuring Gigi‘s sultry, haunting vocals. Slower, more exploratory vibes are also on offer, like the acidic „Strong Moment“ featuring reduced house first lady and Panorama Resident Cassy, still maintaining the classic bug
trademarks, yet tripping things out for a more rewarding overall album experience.

The time and effort spent on this remarkable body of work is clear through the astounding quality, warmth and sheen of the recording. Steve Bug‘s productions never disappoint, yet with 'Collaboratory', his sound has been lifted to even greater heights, rejuvenating a ton of classic machines and analogue gear to enhance the production, giving every track a distinctive, lively and full aesthetic. Natural analogue harmonics and warm mid ranges colour the mix with a velvet hue, making this a long-player that’s a joy to re-live, time and again...

From the album‘s unmistakable and absolutely timeless synth structures in the opening track 'Trees Can‘t Dance', all the way through to the final melodious reprise of its conclusion 'Cherry Blossoms', 'Collaboratory' is a beautiful, refreshing and open-
minded reminder why talents like Steve Bug are hard to find...

Thanks to his wealth of talent and dedication to his art, he‘s ensured a whole new wave of fans, as he treads the bright, promising path of 2009 and beyond!

01. Trees Can‘t Dance
02. Swallowed Too Much Bass feat. Paris The Black Fu
03. Strong Moment feat. Cassy
04. You Never ...
05. Steve Bug & Clé: Month of Sip
06. Mr. Suitcase
07. Trust In Me feat. Virginia
08. Steve Bug & Simon Flower: Passing Clouds
09. Steve Bug & Donnacha Costello: Still Music
10. Like It Should Be feat. Gigi
11. Cherry Blossoms

Track By Track

01. Steve Bug: Trees Can’t Dance
Instant warm vibes, images of open-ended hedonistic beach parties or early morning sessions in the heady epicenter of Berlin‘s most loved clubs spring to mind. This modern classic provides the perfect opening tones for the album.

02. Steve Bug: Swallowed Too Much Bass Feat. Paris The Black Fu

Thickly textured beats meet strongly-spoken lyrics as Berlin beats join highly funked Detroit sentiments in this spooky and straight-to-the-fl oor workout. Paris The Black Fu‘s distinct vox work perfectly along side some classic Bug synth work leading
to restrained acid tinged madness!

03. Steve Bug: Strong Moment feat. Cassy
A slow-cooking jam that combines acidic house moments with deeply-rooted keys alongside Cassy‘s beautiful and distinctive dulcet tones. Blending classic house traditions and a totally contemporary production sheen, its as pleasing to the ears as it is the soul.

04. Steve Bug: You Never ...
An extra tweaked out tool included for good measure! Building the energy and tension as we approach the next movement of tracks....

05. Steve Bug & Clé: Month of Sip
Evolving, dark-house vibes a-plenty and pitching rave-signals add to the pressure as the two long time friends and deadly collaborators return to the studio once again. Expect nothing but pure quality, beats that cut through the mix like a finely sharp-
ened blade, and luxury synth work...

06. Steve Bug: Mr. Suitcase

Perhaps the soundtrack to Steve‘s many hours on the road, the
intriguingly titled ‚Mr. Suitcase‘ is full of slowly progressing melodic movements and timeless layered synth themes. A harmonious moment, marking the middle point of the album.

07. Steve Bug: Trust In Me feat. Virginia

‚Trust In Me‘ features the glistening vocal talents of Brazilian musician and DJ Virginia Nascimento, who currently resides in Berlin. This deep swung song is structured around a slow house vibe, but still works in a club environment with its hypnotic, ringing synth hooks and heavy bass elements.

08. Steve Bug & Simon Flower: Passing Clouds

Joining forces with New Zealand based artist Simon Flower, the pair whip up a tight minimal groover in true Poker Flat style. Wandering, blossoming synth lines work together to build up an organic, fresh and yet deliciously deep dancefloor adventure.
Softer, melodic elements draw attention to the finer ends of the production, whilst a solid and addictive rhythm section works the bottom end.

09. Steve Bug & Donnacha Costello: Still Music

An exciting collab between Steve and Ireland‘s Minimise Records boss Donnacha Costello, a producer well known for his own blistering analogue tinged works... Perhaps the most immediate dancefloor cut of the album, this tense, acid-line monster rises up from fi rm foundations, unearthing more and more surprising textural elements and effects along its journey sky-wards!

10 Steve Bug: Like It Should Be feat. Gigi
Another astounding vocal track, led by the rare and beautiful voice of Gigi, the Finnish co-partner of Samuli Kemmpi (hence their lovely deep house project Sam & Gigi). Its a stripped down Chicago-inspired cut that keeps the groove focused and re-
strained, allowing the wonderful, rousing vocals to really shine through.

11. Steve Bug: Cherry Blossoms

Drawing the album to a close with a freaky old-school tinged jam, 'Cherry Blossoms‘ draws on some of those classic electronica styles that have surely been absorbed into Steve‘s core over the years of finding, playing and producing new electronic music. Its
a fitting epilogue to a strikingly modern album that owes its musical strength to the roots of this scene, those early warehouse days... the wonderful moments of discovery and the treasured times shared amongst true friends....

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