Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This is Retro/Grade

so... this is Retro/Grade

and this is their first single coming out now (only 500 copies on vinyl only)

And these are the DJ reactions so far:

A-Trak: "Moda" is one of the most unique tracks of 2009 for me. A true standout. Although I confess that I'm not even sure where the downbeat is and where the bars start, I still love playing it. Big support!

Annie Mac: Moda is ace

Brodinski: I love it the build up is amazing. I test it in club. Garanted effect people love it!

Cagedbaby: stuck in my head since Serge first sent it to me, one of the catchiest hooks ever, guarenteed satisfaction on this release.

Damon Martin (Disco Bloodbath): "It's a stone cold killer!"

Digitalism: “I like”

Dj mehdi: I like it, of course,

Erol Alkan: it's incredible, I love it'

Groove Armada: yes digging this, its exactly what you'd expect from a serge santiago vs tom neville prod. sounds super crisp, with a havey slab of euro disco-ness, and unlike much else out there right now. nice,

Hell: I got it and it’s hot.

Jesse Rose: a thumbs up from me...

Joe Ransom: i like! sounds dope! will drop on the show next week

Kissy Sellout: great! In the show

Kris Menace: I like it! Nice nice!

Pedro Winter: I love it!

Riton: this is brilliant

Rory Phillips: it's fantastic! thanks for sending..

Seth troxler: really like it, a bit big but could maybe make an edit to play.

Severino: Big track...gonna try out this weekend...Croatia 2mro...Shoreditch House and HMD sunday..Black Rabbit on monday

Shit Robot: Great stuff, loving it, serge roolz.

Simian mobile disco: this is amazing (james) / It really is! More like this please!!! (Jas)

Thomas Schumacher: lovin' it....

Trevor Jackson: 'Moda' is without a bloody doubt THE record I've been playing over the past year that everyone says 'what the fuck was that' a totally destructive monster of a record that never fails to ignite a crowd into spasms of riotous rapture or force deaf and dumb wallflowers to exit the building

The Whip: this is amazing

* Serge Santiago did a Retro/Grade live set in the Space Disocteca at We Love... on Sunday and i have not seen a reaction like this all summer!


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