Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Time And Space Machine is coming!

The Time And Space Machine
‘You Are The One’ EP
A1) You Are The One
A2) Mushroom Family
B1) More Cowbell
Released October

Colours swirl, patterns collide… it’s time to turn on The Time and Space Machine.

*Taken from The Time And Space Machine album, to be released Spring 2010.

The Time And Space Machine was conceived in 2008 as a sound that solidifies Richard Norris’ decades of collecting, releasing and writing about psychedelic music.

Richard’s journey into psych began as a teenager when he worked for the legendary UK psych label Bam Caruso, who released dozens of psychedelic and freakbeat compilations alongside artist albums from the Seeds, the Left Banke, the Walker Brothers, John’s Children, July and many more. “It was like attending psychedelic university,” says Richard. He also co-editedStrange Things are Happening, a pop art magazine that pre-dated the likes of Mojo and other reissue magazines.

His first full-length album, 1987’s ‘Jack The Tab’, was co-produced by Genesis P.Orridge and was one of the first UK acid house albums. The accent was on acid rather than house however – samples from Tiny Tim, ‘The Trip’ and many other sixties cut-ups abound, alongside Peter Fonda’s “We want to get Loaded…. We want to have a good time”, a full year before Primal Scream.

The spirit of Jack the Tab is all over Richard’s re-edit12” mini albums as Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve, produced twenty years after his 1987 debut, in partnership with Erol Alkan. BTWS have gone on to remix the Chemical Brothers, Goldfrapp, Franz Ferdinand and more, and are working on their debut album.

‘You Are The One’ is the second EP release from Norris’s forthcoming album The Time And Space Machine presents ‘The Time And Space Machine’, set for release February 2010. ‘You Are The One’ is a slow-jam cosmic bliss out. ‘Mushroom Family’ evokes a trip in a field of joy with the sun shining down. And ‘More Cowbell’ makes you wonder where he’ll take you with the rest of the album…

Weaving a Psychedelic, Balearic and occasional Krautrock path, prepare for the album in 2010.

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