Monday, May 23, 2011

Carl Craig presents 69 LIVE - exclusive 2011 Live Dates

As part of the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of his Planet-E imprint, legendary Detroit producer Carl Craig is touring Live under his 69 (pronounced six-nine) guise, for the first time.

As 69, Carl Craig produced the first ever EP for Planet-E in 1991 – ‘4 Jazz Funk Classics’ – a release inspired from his love of the disturbing sound and vision of English avant-garde group, Throbbing Gristle.

Following releases included iconic masterpieces ‘Sound on Sound’, the frenetic ‘Jam The Box’, the beautiful ‘Desire’, ‘Pungtang’ and an album from 69 - ‘The Sound Of Music’. Planet-E also released a limited edition 69 vinyl box-set in 2009, entitled ‘The Legendary Adventures Of A Filter King’.

For the 69 show, Carl Craig will perform Live a selection of the finest 69 classic releases, infused with masks, darkness and ‘retina popping’ visuals to stimulate all senses…

69 will perform only a few exclusive dates in 2011, including:

May 28th: Detroit Movement Festival, Detroit (USA)
August 6th: Field Day Festival, London (UK)
August 13th: Merkwuerdiges Verhalten, Frankfurt (DE)
October 5th: 106, Paris (FR)
October 19th: ADE, Amsterdam (NL)
November 12th: I love Techno (BEL)

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