Monday, May 23, 2011

Jam Factory feat Mattie Safer 'One Night Stand'

Jam Factory Feat Mattie Safer 'One Night Stand' (Jam Factory Music)
Version 1: Original versions - Original / Pianapella / 2 inches of Acid
Version 2: Jam Factory remixes - New Mix / dub

Jam Factory make music for dancefloors. With a rich heritage of music between them, Dan Beaumont & Ben Rymer are better placed than most to know how to make you move. A string of sell-out vinyl releases and critically acclaimed remixes (DFA and Strictly Rhythm, amongst others) over the past year have shown their talent for serving up dark subterranean house music.

Dan is an innovator who has had a hand in pioneering East London clubs like Dalston Superstore and Disco Bloodbath; and has forged a successful path as a DJ across Europe and beyond. Ben Rymer has been involved with electronic music since his band Fat Truckers took dance music by storm as unlikely bedfellows of the electroclash movement; he's been an in-demand DJ ever since.

Jam Factory was born out of the duos shared love of electronic dance music from New York, Berlin, Sheffield and Detroit. Having established their own studio in the east end of London the pair have worked hard to build up a body of work and 2011 sees no slowing down of their output.

One Night Stand Is Jam Factory's third self-released single; a collaboration with New York-based vocalist Mattie Safer (formally of The Rapture). One Night Stand is a piano-driven Chicago style anthem with heavy drums and a touch of acid. Mattie delivers a classic house performance in his own instantly recognisable style. Jam Factory have also turned out their own remix featuring haunting keys and a spaced out melody over their trademark crisp percussion; a vintage nod to modern dancefloors

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