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Strummerville presents 'Songs For The Summer' and Glastonbbury 2011 Campfire

Strummerville and Brothers present ‘Songs For The Summer’

Strummerville Glastonbury Campfire – June 23rd / 24th/ 25th / 26th

Strummerville has teamed up with Brothers Cider to release ‘Songs For The Summer’, a one-off free compilation – your festival soundtrack - of exceptional new music from some of the bands that Strummerville is supporting.

The download album is available from http://www.strummerville.com/songs-for-the-summer-2011/ and will be given away free at the Strummerville campfire at Glastonbury Festival.

On June 23rd, Strummerville returns to its natural home, Glastonbury, for this year’s campfire sessions. Located in their usual spot by the Joe Strummer memory stone in the Unfair Ground, Strummerville will be burning their campfire all weekend long. Every night the charity will be presenting some new talent and will be joined by some more established bands for some very special intimate campfire sessions.

No bands will be announced, but with artists including Frank Turner, The Mystery Jets, The Drums, Lissie, I Blame Coco and Mariachi El Bronx performing around the campfire last year, you can get an idea of the people who want to come and tip their cap at the Joe Strummer memory stone and sing songs around the fire.

Joe Strummer first perfected his campfire backstage at Glastonbury, where the nightly assembly was first dubbed 'Strummerville'. Joe believed in the power of the campfire to connect people, to bring people closer, to lose themselves in the flames, as in the firelight everyone is equal, nobody more relevant than the next. More often than not, Joe was the last one at the fire. To whoever was left standing he'd say "it's you and me at Club Dawn”

Joe Strummer turned his festival campfire into a word-of-mouth institution, a gathering point for simpático spirits, a tradition joyfully maintained by Strummerville at Glastonbury.

Brothers (the original Pear Cider) is another long standing institution at Glastonbury Festival and the Brothers connection to the Strummer camp goes way back to Joe always enjoying a Brothers pear cider. And Brothers, a family run company based in Somerset, are kindly showing their support for Strummerville and the work of the charity by donating 1p from every bottle and can sold in June.

“Having support like this for the charity really helps us to continue our work and grow as we support more new music and more really worthwhile music projects. Kind donations like this help to keep the Strummer campfire burning in many respects so many thanks to The Brothers” (Lucinda Garland, Strummerville Trustee)

Matthew Showering from Brothers said “It’s great to have the opportunity to be involved with such a worthwhile cause and offer support to emerging talent within the UK music scene. Having originated at Glastonbury, music is the beating heart of Brothers, and we’re proud to be able to offer our support to such a fantastic charity that shares our way of thinking.”

Strummerville have got some amazing surprises for you this year… The best way to find out who is playing at the Strummerville campfire is to swing during the day and see who is on their chalkboard.

‘Songs For The Summer’ is 11 tracks by 11 different bands, all unique and diverse in style -from the soulful, compelling debut from The Joker & The Thief with ‘Be The Boy’, Bastille’s uplifting and powerful ‘Icarus’, Dark Moon’s impressive stand-out ‘Blackbird’, The Welcome Committee’s experimental-electronica ‘Rich Kids’, Shooting Star Poet’s massive synth-party-rave-booty ‘This Boy Don’t Dance’, La Rebla Fam’s skank fuelled ‘A British Morning’, The Vagabonds’ punk-rocking, Joe Strummer tribute ‘John Mellor’, The Lights’ moving, sunshine inspiring ‘Mostly Water’, The Great Whale’s lyrical, funk-rock ‘Don’t Lose Your Mind’, The Barker Band’s sweet-country ‘Chapel’, and Benjamin Folke Thomas’ gravel voiced, music with a message ‘Thoroughly Alone’.

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