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Carl Craig mixes 'Masterpiece' - released June on Ministry of Sound

Press Release
3 x CD Box-Set
Released June
Ministry of Sound

Over three CDS, the compilation includes:
- One disc of music Carl is listening to and has been inspired by
- One disc of music he is playing now
- One disc of new compositions, exclusively composed for the album using modular synths

Ministry of Sound's Masterpiece series has so far produced a collection of mixes that are considered timeless by many. With dance music luminaries such as Andrew Weatherall, Gilles Peterson, Fabio & Grooverider and Francois K, among others, taking the Masterpiece concept and curating seminal mix compilations.
For the latest instalment in this inspirational series, Ministry of Sound have employed the services of a Techno leviathan, a man who hails from the Mecca of Techno, Detroit and someone who not only grew up with the sound but is considered to be one of the foremost pioneers of the genre, a Grammy-nominated visionary and an artist who has consistently pushed the envelope when it comes to making and performing electronic music. Carl Craig is his name and we are very pleased to have such an esteemed member of electronic music fraternity contributing to the Masterpiece series.
Born and raised in Motor City, Carl is a second generation Techno exponent – rising up after forefathers such as the Belleville Three; Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins and Derrick May. He was there to witness the birth of Techno music, seeing it evolve from its early electro roots into the multi-faceted global underground movement it has become. Carl’s early encounters with Techno came via local radio and television in Detroit – shows like the classic ‘The Scene’, where Soul Train style dances would take place every week and Techno was born right before the eyes of Detroit’s inhabitants. From the pre-Techno sounds of Shari Vari, to Model 500’s Alleys Of My Mind, the soundtrack to Detroit’s decaying cityscape came via these early productions and inspired Carl to start producing the sounds emanating from the radio and TV. 

In the years since he made his very first productions, aided by Derrick May in the beginning, Carl Craig has not only gone on to become the owner of his own universally respected record label, Planet-E, but he has also produced remixes for numerous artists, among them LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Friendly Fires, Theo Parrish, Gavin Russom & Delia Gonzalez, Tori Amos, Can, Goldfrapp, Unkle and Yello, plus many more. As well as his own pioneering original works, taking in influences from a broad range of musical styles from ambient to jazz, drum n bass, hip hop and beyond. His collaborations with musicians such as Francesco Tristano French orchestra Les Siècles, conductor Francois Xavier Roth and Moritz Von Oswald have helped to push his musical reach beyond that of the dancefloor, taking his compositions into new territories and working within the kind of spaces traditionally occupied by the music world’s ‘old guard’.
With his label, remixes, original productions and collaborations Carl’s list of achievements is endless, indicative of a man who  never stops working and whose depth of musical knowledge is unsurpassed. Which makes this Masterpiece compilation another very special entry in the series.
The concept is simple; a mix of what Carl is playing now, what he’s listening to and what he’s been inspired by. Truly an exciting prospect when you consider Carl’s history, his A&Ring for Planet-E and his dynamic DJ sets. Expect an eclectic, diverse selection of influences from Alicia Keys and A$AP Rocky through to underground heroes like Kyle Hall. Carl’s relationship with the radio in Detroit has played a strong role in his approach to this Masterpiece, ‘Even though all of my professional career I’ve been traveling around the world and my scope of music is very global, how I listen to music is still very rooted to how I listen to radio, how it is now, and how it was in Detroit when I was growing up,’ he says. 
As if a trip into the inner workings of the techno maestro’s musical mind wasn’t enough, Carl has also locked himself away to put his all into a Masterpiece first; an entirely original ‘modular synth composition’. As always, breaking new ground is the order of the day with Carl, creating an exclusive composition that will be comprised several ‘acts’. A stroke of genius, which sets a benchmark for all future entries to come.
With his compilation Carl Craig takes us on a very personal journey into his past and present inspirations, while using it as a platform to delve deeper into his own musical experimentations. Be prepared to be educated, invigorated and entertained, another Masterpiece is born.
**Tracklisting coming soon**

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