Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Discodeine announce second artist album 'Swimmer' (Dirty / Pschent)

Following on from the great critical success of their first, self-titled, album in 2011, Discodeine release their second album 'Swimmer' 

Discodeine 'Swimmer' (LP) 
Physical / Digital - Released December 2013

Discodeine Act II. Pilooski and Pentile have adopted the Swimmer position to lead us into deep waters.  

While their eponymous first album flirted with Jarvis Cocker or Matias Aguayo’s pop-electro hybrids to unearth jewels such as 'Synchorize' and 'Singular', their second takes us further into the abyss, where East and West are one (notably on 'Aydin' first single with Kevin Parker (of Tame Impala).

This is where the lines between genres are really blurred. With Mark Kerr featuring on vocals throughout the album, with the notable exception of 'Aydin', Discodeine marks new territory where baroque arrangements rub shoulders with the striking lucidity of the compositions, and where the duo explore the dark side of the moon in a series of instrumentals suspended between the dance floor and the Milky Way.  

Deep in the swimming pool, Discodeine has discovered the existence of new celestial creatures.  

01 Seabox
02 Dry By
03 Aydin (featuring Kevin Parker)
04 Dive Wet
05 Sip Slow
06 Hydraa
07 Shades Of Cyan  
08 Liquid Sky
09 Vox
10 Plum Blossom

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