Monday, April 6, 2009

Guy Gerber on Miami

as always Miami was exactly like i expected it to be. Flamingo and bikinis ,even though it was slightly colder this year. But i love this GTA feeling of living in a city full of extras.

I really liked the Sunday school of degenerates, even though the rain started pouring during my set and i had to stop in the middle.

my favorite person of playing was Seth Troxler, man of the moment. I also had some really funny conversations with him.

the most funny thing was that while i was fighting with my girl friend in a taxi, the driver turned back to us, with his one eye (yes, he was a cyclop)and said :"even if his dick is that big (pointing a big coca cola bottle) he is really doesn't worth it. You should come and have some good times with me!!"

And the track i like the most it's a remix Seth made for a track called voodoo, but I don't know the artist name. But it had a super cool vocal on it that talks about going to the doctor :-)

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