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Kikumoto Allstars 'House Music' - new album on Gigolo

Press Release
Kikumoto Allstars
‘House Music’
Released: June 2009
Gigolo Recordings
Distributed by: NEWS

DJ Hell’s International Deejay Gigolo Imprint brings the debut album release from Australia´s Kikumoto Allstars: HOUSE MUSIC!!! In the spirit of the original Chicago Acid House of Marshall Jefferson, Larry Heard and Adonis, and with the intensity of modern dance, comes Kikumoto Allstars aka DJ/Producer Cam Farrar.

“The inspiration for this album came from the original Chicago House from the mid 1980’s. The tracks from this era have an innocence and purity that I felt was somewhat lost in modern electronic music. I wanted to capture all I loved about this music but put it in context with where we are today.”

Kikumoto Allstars holds a candle to the original style of the thing we call´HOUSE MUSIC!´ This debut album is acid, is analogue, is heavy, is jacking, is melodic, is dark penetrating male vocals versus sexual femme vocales, is Bass… is here to make you move and remember the pioneering roots that bought us all to the dance floor.

Cam Farrar was first drawn to electronic music when he saw Devo on Australian television in the early 1980's. As a teenager, inspired by punk and new wave, Farrar began his career in bands, hitting the skins and song writing. With the 90's dance music revolution underway Farrar was swept up. Australia was now experiencing its own halcyon days with warehouse and bush parties beating through the musical landscape.

As an album we have two very distinct halves, the first being more musical and quite modern in terms of production, but designed to map the landscape ahead. The first track, EVERYBODY is basically the “synopsis of the album…” The bassline drives the whole track; Complete with authentic Fairlight orchestra stabs.” On I´LL MAKE YOU JACK, we find “ a song about dancing!. A bassline and drum machine, reminiscent of the old acid house trax of 1986-1987.”

CAN'T STOP THE HOUSE, is an immediate classic, featuring Fi-B Haven and lyrics from the 1987 Thompson & Lenoir track ‘Can’t Stop the House’ with some of my own. We love the track and thought it would be cool re-introduce it to the world.”

BENDING TIME is designed for the breakdown moment, and maybe a dry ice machine. “A track that began as a minimal drum track probably became the most complex track on the album. The inspiration came from the 1985 Virgo / Marshall Jefferson track ‘Rhythm Track’ however morphed into a pitch bent, time warp that twists and ties itself into knots before spitting itself out into another galaxy.

DCO is reminiscent of Mr Fingers principle of taking “a simple track, and a incessant arpeggio that frantically bounces along like a bus driver on speed pushing through peak hour traffic!”

The aptly titled LAST TRAIN TO CHI TOWN is a good follow on from the Larry Heard inspired DCO, taking the listener on a musical journey through Mr. Fingers home town of Chicago. Layers of heavy chords and beautiful melodies, which were “improvised and recorded in one take that was quite a bizarre and magical moment. It reminds me of train travel watching the scenery flashing by, lost in the music, lost in my head!” Continuing the musical odyssey in to SAGITTARIUS, Kikumoto Allstars “answer to Marshall Jefferson’s Virgo. This one would be on high rotation if I were an astronaut traveling to distant constellations.”

Back down on earth but spinning through Time Space we come to the final part to the album. WAREHOUSE DAYS is, as the songs name sake suggest, about the dance floor and the environments that gave birth to this genre of House Music. If we were being literal here we would be talking about the infamous club of 80’s Chicago. But right now, in 2009, we need to talk about the places more personal to us, our Generations Warehouses, the place where Kikumoto Allstars “truly discovered dance music. Reminiscing about one of those special underground parties, in a warehouse, in a city, somewhere.”

With JUST A FEELIN we are kept in this environment! The song aim is “to capture the adrenalin and anticipation you feel at the club at the beginning of a great set. Keeps teasing to give you something but pulling it back and not quite letting go.” Which leads nicely to JACK THE HOUSE; “the first true Kikumoto Allstars track. It’s all about the TB-303, still sounding fresh in an old skool way.” SHED is pure dark dance floor material and “inspired by parties at the docklands in Melbourne, Australia when I was growing up. Nameless tracks, nameless people all smiling, all dancing to the beat of a drum.”

Finally, we come to HOUSE MUSIC, a tribute the world we know and love, but done with a tongue firmly in-cheek. “Displaying the great simplicity of house music we know and love, nice chords, fat bass line, big drum rolls and a repetitive vocal hook. As it says on the box, H-H-H-H, H-H H-House Music!

Kikumoto Allstars and International Deejay Gigolo Record would like you to know that all “the tracks on this album were produced using the analogue synth’s and drum machines that defined the original house music - Roland TR-909, TR-808, TR-707, SH-101, JX-8P, Juno range, and the TB-303 - paying homage to the Roland Corporation’s Tadao Kikumoto, the brains behind these now legendary machines.”

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