Monday, April 6, 2009

Radio Slave on Miami

Best Party:

The beatport one was the best for me as it's always amazing to play outside in the sun with friends, and it's a pretty relaxed affair.

who your favourite person was playing...

Too many to mention and that's not a bad thing as the quality of music was super high this year !!!

if you have any funny / interesting miami stories...

Well, my girlfriend and I bumped into a guy who had lost his motorbike after picking up two girls and taking them to their hotel room...He had a massive smile on his face and looked so happy but had lost his $5000 bike...This was just one of the many freaks we met on south beach !

and please tell me your track – or two - of the conference:

The Michel Cleis remix of Baeka on Rekids and Barry Manilow's Copacobana....

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